Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad Bad Blogger

I know I know I am the worst blogger in the history of blogging. But I decided enough is enough I must Blog again! :) Ok well let me try and recap you on what has been happing with us. At least all the important stuff that is. We moved from our apartment, John turned 1, Mark turned 2, & Brek turned 22. Well I think that is about it. We took some really cute family pictures last sunday. And they turned out way cute. I was experimenting with photo shop so on my next post I will put the photo shop version of them.
Yeah this is a rare moment.
John being cute

This is Marks I didn't do it or you can't make me do it face.

The lovely me!

Brek. Dang he is cute! lol!

My awesome family


Jolene George said...

YAY!!! Brittany is back!!! I love you sweet girl and all those handsome boys too!

1RadChick said...

Holy cow! Is it really a blog post from sweet ms. brittany??? :)

Welcome back to blogland girl. The babies are absolutely darling. You go girl!


Monogram Queen said...

You certainly do have an awesome family!

Briana said...

Well, welcome back to blogging!