Monday, December 15, 2008


I saw this pictures and it made me laugh.
Alright I am excited because my 21st birthday is this Friday! Woot! And we just got some money so now we can go Christmas shopping. A little late in the game but we weren't sure we were really going to be able to do a nice Christmas this year because of the stupid economy. Well I just had to get it out that I am excited! Birthday and Christmas shopping all in one week. Heck yeah! I love shopping. But only if it's fun shopping. Groceries don't count as fun shopping.


Jacquie said...

Well thanks for the comment today, it reminded me I need to do a post LOL.

You have a beautiful family!! Your little boys are darling.

Happy 21st Birthday to you!! I feel old now ;-)

Jolene George said...

You better be coming over for dinner on your birthday! :o)
John Ray is adorable!
Glad you get to Christmas shop. Don't forget the gift exchange ones and the white elephant ones. All of them are a $20 gift.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys still living in your own apartment?

Brittany George said...

To the Anonymous comment, No as of right now we are not. We had some finacial trouble come up that we weren't expecting and weren't able to keep our place.

Monogram Queen said...

I hope you have a wonderful time shopping honey. Happy 21st birthday!

You are right "grocery shopping" is NOT fun shopping!
Your baby boy is adorable (well both are!)