Thursday, December 11, 2008

Photo shop Fun!

Alright I just got photo shop on my computer and I am going crazy with it. Right now it is just a freebie one off the Internet but it still does some pretty cool things. Man I could photo shop for hours! To see the difference with on the one with Brek just look at my previous post. I honestly think some off my best pictures are in Black & White. I think it means I should have been born when pictures were only b&w. :)
I think I look good in b&w.
All I did to this one was change the contrast.

I like the drawn look

I made the blue pop out. Fricken cute!

Again I made the blue pop out and had it drawn.

These boys' are to cute!

I absolutely love this one!

Photo shop+new photos'= Lots of fun!

He needs to be a baby model!

I think this one turned out WAY cool.

This is my favorite one of Mark.


Bonny said...

Hey! It's Bonny! (Your long lost cousin.) I'm so glad that you posted on myspace about your blog. We (me and my sisters) all have blogs too. They're all listed on my blog if you want to check them out and you're bored.

I'm a total Photoshop addict. We have an older version, but it still works. Love your pics. Your family is gorgeous.

Brandon and Camille Smithson said...

Cute pictures, Brittany. I love what you did with them in photoshop too. It's fun to mess around, isn't it?

Jolene George said...

Those are way too cute Brittany! Y kive them!
I'm coming to town today and will bring Brek a check.

wendster said...

Those ARE cute pictures. Cuz they are cute KIDS.

You snapped some good photos too ... but cute subjects trumps all, don't you think?

Monogram Queen said...

I think I could do photo editing as a living too. So much fun!
My faves are b&w also!

Coleen said...

I found your blog off Jolene's - I've been reading her for a LONG time. Nice to see you have one too!Photoshop is adictive in the worst way! Keep at it, you'll have tonnes to learn and lots you can do with it!